Mance Media unveils its first domestic feature film with Loss of Life, which follows a group of high school friends on an ill-fated night out on Halloween. To celebrate the film’s fast-approaching release, Mance has unveiled two trailers, an image gallery with a string of posters—some of which are viewable below—and even a bizarre back story and character profiles for this found footage horror movie.

Directed by David Damiata and Michael Matteo Rossi, Loss of Life centers on Derrick (Cleaver Family Reunion’s Melvin Gregg) and Alonzo (Reggie Range in his screen debut), two teens who are more than friends to each other, they are practically family. Encouraged by his new internship at a small movie production house as well as his excitement to hang out with Alonzo, and four other friends on Halloween, Derrick decides to document what they hope will be one wild night out. And of course it is, but not in the way they’d hoped. Things begin to go wrong when they run into one Erica Shaw (Randi Leigh Borden from TV’s Never Fade Away), a former methamphetamines junkie who was recently released from a stint in rehab that followed her being found in a bath tub with two girls she apparently drowned.

How does the masked figure teased above play into this setup? This second trailer gives some hints.

You can see some more of the carnage coming from Loss of Life in its posters below.

Loss of Life will be released on October 25th across all major digital services, including XBOX 360, PS3, Amazon Instant, Vimeo VOD, ROKU, and TiVo, as well as On Demand services, including AT&T U-Verse, Verison Fios, Charter Cable, and CableVision. You can also go old-school and pre-order it on DVD from their website; it is guaranteed to ship on the 25th and arrive in time for Halloween.

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