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Hancock 2 Will Happen

Hancock was a crushing disappointment of a movie. It wasn't awful but it was extremely lazy. It took what was an idea full of potential, a superhero who has become a drunk wash-out due to the pressures of fame, and almost exactly halfway through the movie got bored with the idea and decided that a complete plot broadside involving lots of incoherent generic special effects set pieces was a much better option, because after all isn't that was everyone really wants even if you don't have the budget to pull it off properly? Enjoyable plot? Pah! Interesting characters! Psh! Original ideas! Ha! It was almost like watching a movie consisting of two different superhero movies sloppily glued together; One good, the other directed by Brett Ratner.

So as is the way in Hollywood despite taking a critical drubbing it made a lot of cash and nothing says sequel like a badly received movie that makes money, just ask the Date/Epic/Disaster Movie guys. So says Will Smith anyway who, when asked by JoBlo while promoting his new movie Seven Pounds, said that the sequel was ”definitely” happening. He is claiming there are lots of “unexplored characters” in the Hancock universe waiting for a sequel. Huh? Hancock was hardly backloaded with characters so I'm not sure what that means. It's not like Hancock is based on some comic-book with a plethora of existing backstory and pool of characters to draw from. So maybe Charlize Theron's son will turn out to be predictably super-powered. Hell how about a wacky power exchange plot with Jason Batemen becoming a superhero while Hancock becomes human? Either way despite Will Smith's charm and good humor it's hard to care about the prospect of watching the first Hancock again, let alone a sequel.