There’s been a new trend in Hollywood as of late, and while it is undoubtedly successful at the box office, the fairy tale live action genre is not producing many quality films. New remakes such as the recent Cinderella are filled with epic visuals and stunning cinematography, bringing new life aside to the classic stories that were often only seen on a page or in a children’s animated adaptation. And with better special effects and CGI (and arguably Hollywood running out of original ideas) it seems that the past decade has been prime time for brand new takes on classic folk lore.

The problem is that we’ve heard these stories before, and without a unique take, they become iterations of our beloved classics with just additional spectacle to claim it as new. There have been some great adaptations (Ever After, Stardust, Enchanted) but there have also been terrible ones. Here we explore those—the 10 worst fairy tale movies to hit the big screen. So you can beware of which Cinderella’s and Snow White’s should be avoided.

10. Mirror Mirror
The comedy fantasy Mirror, Mirror had a lot of hope with a star studded cast including Lily Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts as Queen Clementianna, but the film fell short without a uniquely original storyline. The film was undoubtedly beautiful, an area most live action fairy tale films seem to succeed in. But it is very clearly missing something to make it one of the better fairy tale adaptations, and that something seems to be a lack of charm.

While the visuals most definitely will win over a young audience, the charm tends to be lost on adults. But, that’s not to say that the film is a complete failure either. It has some Shrek-like qualities to it, which give the film a light comedic feel that still brings about giggles at times. The script needed some sharper tuning, but overall, the basic adaptation of Snow White was not all terrible.

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