New Hardcore Henry BTS Video Shows How Insane The Stuntmen's Jobs Were

Hardcore Henry is finally out in theaters and audiences can feel what it is like to be in an action film. Filmed entirely from first person perspective, the movie features lots of running, jumping, flips, gunplay and explosions, performed with mostly practical effects and stunt work. Hardcore Henry seems to be trying to take the title of "most insane action movie of the year" from Mad Max: Fury Road, and after watching this behind this scenes music video, you’ll realize how appropriate that title might be.

He really does earn the name "Hardcore Henry" doesn’t he? This video showcases how the team of the action film was able to perform some of the stunts and it’s extremely cool to watch. The video manages to show off flipping cars, throwing people on fire, running on the top of a bridge, wire work, and a lot of other action sequences that were actually performed by a stuntman. This makes me really want to see a whole featurette that goes deeper into how exactly the crew of Hardcore Henry were able to pull this movie off. It looks extremely difficult, but everyone seems to be having a good time.


Filming the action movie must have been insanely hard for the stuntman. Hardcore Henry makes it look easy, but I’m sure it took dozens of takes to jump from a moving car and land on the back of a motorcycle. I’m curious to know how many injuries the stunt team received as well. You really have to hand it to the makers of this film for not going the easy route and instead, working to produce a film that pushes the action to the absolute limit. The only fear of seeing this movie is that it might make you sick, what with constant motion of the camera, but the crew went to great lengths to reduce that possibility.


Hardcore Henry was written and directed by IIya Naishuller and stars, you, the audience, as the title character. After Henry wakes up in with no memory of his past and his limbs replaced with cybernetics, he must rescue a woman who says she is is wife from the brutal telekinetic leader of a gang of mercenaries. Henry will have to fight his way through an army to rescue her and hopefully reclaim his memories.

Here’s the trailer to the movie so that you can check out the finished effects as they appear in the film. Were there any you thought were CGI but turned out to be real?

After watching all the craziness of the stunts, you might want to check out the actual movie. Luckily, you can take care of that by seeing Hardcore Henry, which is already out in select theaters. 

Matt Wood

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