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When an actor accepts a role in either a Marvel or DC superhero movie, it’s presumed that they’re locked in for at least a sequel or two. Most of the Avengers stars are signed on to appear in five-to-six films, while Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are in similar situations as the holy DC trinity. But what about the Suicide Squad actors? Though sequels to this standalone supervillain film are not green lit, Margot Robbie is certainly prepared for it.

Robbie has been cast as Harley Quinn, the sadistic sidekick to Jared Leto’s Joker. Though she can’t say much about her involvement in the film this early on, the actress spoke with The Arizona Republic about her excitement for the part and the anxiety of the commitment.
You don't need to have commitment issues to be frightened by the fact that you might have just signed 10 years of your life away. … But with her, it's a character I don't think would ever get boring. Ever. So if they did 'Suicide Squad One,' 'Two' and 'Three, I would be over the moon about it.

Suicide Squad has the potential to work some box office magic for Warner Bros, and could, therefore, easily earn sequels. As tested out on The CW series Arrow, fans loved seeing some of the most iconic DC villains team up under Amanda Waller. In exchange for reduced sentences, they would execute secret missions for the government. Of course, their safety on said missions were never guaranteed. Rumor has it that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will be making an appearance in the film after causing some chaos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In addition, Viola Davis is said to be signed on to a multiple-film contract with Warner Bros. to appear as Waller. The WB is clearly preparing for potential continuations of this property, though we first have to see whether it can be as successful as the Arrow’s take.

Out of all the faces that could pop up in Suicide Squad, Quinn is one of the more complex and interesting characters. Once the Joker’s psychiatrist, she’s now his righthand woman who enjoys getting her hands dirty as much as her crazed criminal boss. Robbie’s appearance in the film will be the character’s first ever live-action rendering. While fans are certainly excited for it, this marks a major move for the actress. Since appearing in The Wolf of Wall Street opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, Robbie has been blowing up. She’ll appear next in Focus with Will Smith, Z for Zachariah with Oscar-winner Chiwetel Ejiofor, and as Tarzan’s love interest Jane in the upcoming reboot. We’ve got a while to wait until we see her in Suicide Squad on August 5, 2016, but what better way to make a bigger name for oneself than landing a role in a major superhero movie?

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