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Of all the rumors we've been hearing about the future Star Wars movies and spinoffs, the ones with the most potential always seem to involve Han Solo. He's the most magnetic character the franchise has produced, and after the missteps of the three prequels, his return could make a real return to the roots of the franchise everyone fell in love with 36 years ago.

But could we really expect the return of not just Han Solo, but Harrison Ford playing the role? According to Latino Review, most definitely. In their usual showman way, they revealed the information via an appearance from the ubiquitous El Mayimbe on Fox News Latino. The video isn't embeddable, but you can check it out over there. He doesn't have details on which films he'll appear in or how he'll fit into the story, but he says the deal is "pretty big." Does that mean Ford will play a major role, or just that they had to pay him a ton of money to talk him into coming back? Beats me.

You might remember that one of the most intriguing suggestions for a Star Wars spinoff was a Han Solo prequel, which would give a young actor the chance to take over the character for a potential new franchise. If I were to guess, I'd say Ford would make an appearance in a Han Solo spinoff in some way, allowing us to catch up with the character near the end of his life before launching us back into the beginning. It's unimaginable to me that Ford would be back on board for a whole new trilogy, but hey, who knows? Han Solo is a powerful character for everyone else; why would Ford not be as drawn to him as the rest of us?

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