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Twentieth Century Fox’s The Heat did far better than expected this summer, pulling in a cool $157 million plus domestically and landing itself on our summer wrap-up winners list. Now, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is prepping to bring the funny film into homes, putting together an October 15 Blu-ray and DVD release. Additionally, the flick will get an early Digital release beginning on October 1.


The Heat is not your typical buddy cop movie. First and foremost, it stars two incredibly prominent female actresses right now, Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. McCarthy also broke box office expectations this year with the hit comedy Identity Thief and Bullock has the film Gravity coming up, a movie that James Cameron has touted as the best example of a space film, ever. In Paul Feig’s The Heat, the actress is a little more down-to-earth, playing an uptight FBI agent to McCarthy’s foul and loud Boston detective. It’s a buddy comedy match made in heaven and if you haven’t caught the film yet, the Digital window might be the best opportunity to do so.

For those who already fell in love with the movie, the home entertainment release looks as if it will be chock full of bonus features. Bonus features with comedies are usually excellent because they contain a multitude of improvised scenes that had to be cut for time or because one of the characters happened to say something a little bit funnier in a different take. Both deleted and alternate scenes will be available with the set, as well as a few featurettes including a making-of segment called “How The Heat Was Made.” The best extra this time around might just be the audio commentary. Typically, that’s not my jam, but the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys will be on hand to chat through this set, as well as some of the cast and crew.

In addition to the listed features, below, Twentieth Century Fox is also including a “Welcome to the Bonus Features” segment. If that segment is similar to the bonus features introduction that the studio’s recent release Epic employed, it’s going to be an annoying voiceover that automatically plays when you pop the disc in—every time. It’s basically just advertising for the bonus features, and while this might make a little bit of sense with a children’s film, I’m pretty sure adults already know whether or not they plan to watch the extras, but whatever. If you are a fan of bonus features, go ahead and check out that list.

The Heat Blu-ray Bonus Features
  • Deleted, Alternate & Extended Scenes
  • Mullins Family Fun
  • How THE HEAT Was Made
  • Police Brutality
  • Let’s Get Physical
  • Acting Master Class
  • Supporting Cast Cavalcade
  • Over And Out
  • Easter Eggs
  • Hilarious Audio Commentaries Featuring Melissa McCarthy, Director Paul Feig, the Original Mystery Science Theater 3000 Guys, and The Mullins Family

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