It’s a rough world for screenwriters entering the job field, as a business that many bridges as it builds and shows a lot of cold shoulders. As such, when Hollywood loves someone, it lets them know with dollar signs, not love letters.

Even though the female buddy comedy The Heat won’t be out until June 28, its screenwriter Katie Dippold is glowing with some heat of her own, as Deadline reports she’s already signed on for a new project with The Heat producers Chernin Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox. So strong is their belief in Dippold’s written work that they’re giving her a deal in the low seven-figures. When a screenwriter earns over $1 million for a script, it usually means the film won’t be a small independent feature.

Proving this, The Heat director Paul Feig will be reuniting with Dippold for the project as both a director and a producer. Details on the untitled project are few, as it’s only being described as a “mother/daughter action comedy,” which places it squarely in the female-fronted area of fiction that comes so easily to Dippold and Feig. Feig is of course the creator of the cult TV show Freaks and Geeks, has directed multiple episodes of Weeds, Nurse Jackie and Arrested Development, and is still riding on the ridiculous success of Bridesmaids.

Before this upcoming feature screenwriting debut, Dippold was a writer and producer for Mad TV before upping the comedy quotient and landing a job with Parks and Recreation.

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