Comedian Kevin James has a lot of talents, but none are better than coming across as a likeable and bumbling everyman. He has one of those faces that’s immediately sympathetic and coupled with his wit, he always seems like a good guy to be friends with. He tapped into the persona during his long run on King Of Queens, during his time as a stand-up and more recently in the mild box office success Here Comes The Boom, which is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on February 5th.

James’ lazy and disgruntled high school teacher in Here Comes The Boom isn’t exactly a big stretch for him to play, but the whole turned cagefighter addition to his job title definitely is a bit outside of his wheelhouse. Luckily, the actor actually handles the physical elements of Here Comes The Boom quite well. He comes off like a bumbling moron at the beginning and slowly transforms himself into a less out of shape older guy who looks like he actually did wrestle in college. Altogether, it’s enough to make Here Comes The Boom a somewhat enjoyable watch and potentially a worthwhile Blu-ray gift, especially for younger children and mixed martial arts fans.

All Here Comes The Boom purchases will come with UltraViolet, quite a few special features and eighteen deleted scenes. How director Frank Coraci could have shot eighteen scenes he didn’t wind up needing is one of life’s great mysteries, but hopefully, the footage will give us a good indication why. Until then, here’s a complete list of what the discs will include…

Here Comes The Boom DVD Extras
  • Gag Reel
  • 18 Deleted Scenes
  • “Here Comes The Cast” Featurette
Here Comes The Boom Blu-ray Extras
  • All the DVD Extras
  • “The Pros” Featurette
  • “Three Amigos” Featurette
  • “Back To School” Featurette
  • “Learning How To Fight” Featurette
  • “Gino Vs Richie” Featurette

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