What The Grown Ups Cast Is Doing Now

The cast of Grown Ups.
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There are some movies that I grew up watching and loving more and more each time I saw it. While Grown Ups wasn’t the best received Adam Sandler movie, it was one of my favorites for the sheer hilarity it offered, as well as the fun cast that it gathered to portray this funny group of friends. 

Speaking of the cast, with this movie being nearly twelve years old now (I know, I can’t believe it either), where exactly is the cast of Grown Ups now? From Adam Sandler to Salma Hayek, everyone has had their own projects and big films, while also returning to do movies and films together. Here is what the cast of Grown Ups is doing now.  

Adam Sandler in Grown Ups.

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Adam Sandler (Lenny Feder)

Starting off with the main star of Grown Ups, we have Adam Sandler, who portrayed Lenny Feder. And unsurprisingly, Sandler has been up to his teeth in movies. 

For one, he was the main star of the Hotel Transylvania series, up until the 2022 movie, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. Besides his fun voice-acting skills, he’s appeared in several movies, most of which he also produced. This includes, but is not limited to Grown Ups 2, Pixels, The Ridiculousness 6, Hubie Halloween and more.  He’s also had two movie that he’s co-starred with Jennifer Aniston with, Just Go With It and Murder Mystery, which is receiving a sequel on Netflix soon. 

In addition to his numerous comedies, Adam Sandler starred in the 2019 crime thriller Uncut Gems from Josh and Benny Safdie. 

Sandler has also popped up in several TV shows, such as Kevin Can Wait, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and he guest starred on Jessie with his late Grown Ups on-screen son, Cameron Boyce.

Coming up, he has a number of movies lined up, including Murder Mystery 2,  Spaceman and Hustle.

Kevin James in Grown Ups.

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Kevin James (Eric Lamonsoff)

Next up, we have Kevin James, who played Eric Lamansoff in Grown Ups. James has appeared in many movies, like Grown Ups 2, Zookeeper, Pixels, the Paul Blart: Mall Cop series, Sandy Wexler, Hubie Halloween and more. James also received a starring role in the Hotel Transylvania series alongside Adam Sandler. 

On television, James has had many guest roles, but two of his biggest projects were his own sitcom, titled Kevin Can Wait, as well the comedy series, The Crew. Coming up, James is going to appear in Home Team, which is being produced by Adam Sandler. 

Chris Rock in Grown Ups.

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Chris Rock (Kurt McKenzie)

Another hilarious comedian, Chris Rock played Kurt McKenzie in Grown Ups, and has been quite active in the movie industry. He has appeared in a variety of genres, showcasing his acting skills. Since the family film he's been in Grown Ups 2, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, the Madagascar series, Top Five, the Eddie Murphy-led film, Dolemite Is My Name, the 2021 horror film, Spiral: The Book of Saw, and more. 

In television, he’s guest starred on many shows, as has many of his co-stars, but one of his most notable TV roles in recent years was playing Loy Cannon on the FX series, Fargo. Rock has also had a comedy special on Netflix, titled Chris Rock: Tamborine that you should check out. 

Coming up, he’s going to be appearing in three new projects, two with titles, Rustin and I Am Maurice, and one untitled David O. Russell project, although there hasn’t been any new news about that since January 2021. 

David Spade in Grown Ups.

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David Spade (Marcus Higgins)

Moving on, we have former SNL star David Spade, who played Marcus Higgins in Grown Ups. Since his appearance, Spade has been active in both movies and TV. Some of his biggest roles in recent years have been appearing in the Hotel Transylvania series, Grown Ups 2, The Ridiculous 6, Sandy Wexler, Father of the Year and more. 

With television, Spade has had roles in many shows as a recurring character, including Fameless, Roadies, Rules of Engagement and more. Spade also hosted his own talk show called Lights Out with David Spade, as well as appeared several times as himself in many shows. He’s going to be in a new HBO series, but not much else is known about that just yet. 

Rob Schneider in Grown Ups.

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Rob Schneider (Rob Hilliard)

Another former SNL star, Rob Schneider played Rob Hilliard in Grown Ups, and while he didn’t appear in the sequel like many of his other co-stars, he still continued to have a very successful career since the family film. With movies, he’s appeared in films such as The Outback, Wings, The Ridiculous 6, Norm of the North, Sandy Wexler, Hubie Halloween and more. 

Schneider has also been active in television, appearing in many shows such as the sitcom series, Rob, in which he starred, Real Rob, another sitcom series in which he starred, and several guest roles. He also competed on The Masked Singer in 2021. Soon, he’s also going to be making an appearance in Home Team. I’m starting to see a trend here. 

Salma Hayek in Grown Ups.

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Salma Hayek (Roxanne Chase-Feder)

I think out of all the on-screen love interests Adam Sandler has had in his movies, Salma Hayek from Grown Ups, who played Roxanne, is one of my favorites thanks to her amazing personality that she adds to the movie. Since her role in Grown Ups, Hayek has continued to have a very successful career. 

She’s had roles in movies like Grown Ups 2, Here Comes the Boom, Everly, The Hitman’s Bodyguard as well as its sequel in 2021, Like A Boss, and was a part of both the Eternals cast and the House of Gucci cast, in addition to other movies. Hayek has also had some fun with television as well, with two recurring guest-star roles on both Ugly Betty and 30 Rock. 

The actress doesn’t seem to have anything coming up just yet, but I can’t wait to see what else she does after her stellar year in 2021 with both Eternals and House of Gucci. 

Maria Bello in Grown Ups.

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Maria Bello (Sally Lamonsoff)

Moving on, we have Maria Bello, who portrayed Sally Lamansoff in Grown Ups, the wife of Kevin James’ character. Since her role in the family comedy, Bello has continued to have quite the career in both movies and TV. 

In film, she’s has big roles in films like Grown Ups 2, Beautiful Boy, Abduction, McFarland USA, Prisoners alongside the lead actor, Hugh Jackman, The 5th Wave, Max Steel, Every Day, Better Start Running, The Water Man and more. Television is where Bello has shined even more. She’s had several recurring roles in shows like Touch, Prime Suspect, and Goliath, but her biggest role so far was playing Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane in NCIS, a role she left in 2021. 

Maya Rudolph in Grown Ups.

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Maya Rudolph (Deanne McKenzie)

Next up, SNL alum Maya Rudolph played Deanne McKenzie, the wife of Chris Rock’s character, in Grown Ups. And since her appearance in the movie, Rudolph has had quite the career. Not long after Grown Ups did she star in the Bridesmaids cast, another comedy that blew up, and she only continued to grow afterwards. 

She’s appeared in many films, including Grown Ups 2, Big Hero 6, Wine Country, The Willoughbys, Life of the Party, the Angry Birds franchise, Hubie Halloween and more. She was also a part of the Luca cast, the Mitchells vs. the Machines cast, and the Licorice Pizza cast all in 2021 - talk about a packed year. 

Rudolph has also had success in television. She’s had recurring and main roles in shows such as Up All Night, Portlandia, The Awesomes, The Good Place, Forever and more, as well as being a part of the adult animated series, Big Mouth on Netflix and having her own baking show, called Baking It. Coming up, she will be in the new Disenchanted movie, as well the Big Mouth spinoff TV series, Human Resources. 

Joyce Van Patten in Grown Ups.

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Joyce Van Patten (Gloria Noonan)

The next cast member to talk about is Joyce Van Patten, who played Gloria Noonan in Grown Ups. Since her role in the movie, Patten has appeared in films such as Angel’s Perch, God’s Pocket and more. She’s also guest starred in several television shows like The Good Wife and Boardwalk Empire. 

Patten doesn’t have anything in the works right now, but hopefully it won’t be long before we see her on our TV or movie screens again. 

Colin Quinn in Grown Ups.

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Colin Quinn (Dickie Bailey)

Next up, we have Dickie Bailey, who was played by Colin Quinn. The SNL alum has been active both in the acting world and in the writing world, having roles in both TV and film, as well as working behind the scenes. 

As an actor, Quinn has popped up in roles in movies like Grown Ups 2, Trainwreck, Sandy Wexler, Hubie Halloween and others. He’s also been active in television, having recurring roles in shows like Girls, The Awesomes, Inside Amy Schumer, and more. 

Quinn has also been very active in comedy and writing. In 2015 and 2020, he wrote two biographies titled The Coloring Book: A Comedian Solves Race Relations in America and Overstated: A Coast-to-Coast Roast of the 50 States. He’s also had several comedy specials on Netflix and HBO, and has gone on tour for his stand-up.

Steve Buscemi in Grown Ups.

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Steve Buscemi (Wiley)

Steve Buscemi, while he wasn’t in the film for long, had an impactful part as Wiley in Grown Ups, and has continued to succeed in Hollywood, both on the big screen and the small screen.

As well as appearing in Grown Ups 2, Buscemi has appeared in many movies such as the Pixar movie, Monsters University, On the Road, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, the Hotel Transylvania series, The Ridiculous 6, The Boss Baby, The Death of Stalin, The Dead Don’t Die, The King of Staten Island and more. 

Buscemi has also had an active career in television. Besides appearing on several TV shows, like 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Buscemi has had leading roles in both Boardwalk Empire and Miracle Workers. He also hosted his own talk show called Park Bench with Steve Buscemi. Coming up, he’s going to be appearing in a new movie titled The Year Between. 

Tim Meadows in Grown Ups.

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Tim Meadows (Malcolm)

Last but not least, we have another former SNL star, Tim Meadows, who played Malcolm in Grown Ups. Since his appearance in the movie, Meadows has appeared in both film and television. With movies, he had roles in Grown Ups 2, Trainwreck, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Hubie Halloween and a couple of other independent movies. 

In television, he had many recurring roles including The Colbert Report, Suburgatory, Bob’s Burgers, The Goldbergs, No Activity and more. He’s also had lead roles in shows such as Son of Zorn, Marry Me and Schooled (which was a spinoff of The Goldbergs). Coming up, he’s going to appear in a new film titled Saurus City as a voice actor, so keep an eye out for him. 

With so many talented actors, it’s no wonder they went on to succeed so well. I for one can’t wait for Home Team to come out as part of the 2022 movies so I can see a lot of them together again. Or watch any of their awesome movies or shows.  

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