Kevin James Eating Too Much Candy On The Set Of Hubie Halloween Is Totally On Brand

Hubie Halloween Adam Sandler surprises Kevin James while enjoying candy and YouTube.

Halloween is about two things, no matter what age you happen to be: dressing up in wild get ups, and the acquisition/distribution of candy throughout your neighborhood network. In that respect, Netflix’s latest Adam Sandler movie Hubie Halloween nails the spirit of the season pretty damned perfectly. No one would know that better than Sandler’s co-star and good friend Kevin James, as it’s been revealed that his candy habit on set wasn’t just a character quirk-- it was an on-brand move on James part.

This latest tale of method acting gone oh so right comes from the WWE, as wrestler/online personality Xavier Woods recently got to interview both Adam Sandler and Kevin James. On behalf of the release of Hubie Halloween, the two friends recalled to Woods their time on set, and all the fun size adventure it entailed, as seen below:

Kevin James: I ate more candy on that set.Adam Sandler: He did, he did eat a lot of candy, yes. Every scene required Kevin to bite into something good.James: And what was horrible, as much as I ate all day, they would catch me off-camera like when we weren’t shooting. They’d be like, ‘We’re not rolling anymore.’ I’d be like, ‘I know I was just getting a little [candy].’Sandler: They’d bring the spit bucket and he’d wave it off.James: No, I would put my head in the spit buck like I was gonna get rid of it and then I’d come back up with it and they’d go, ‘It’s empty. I dunno what to do with this thing.’

Look, if you’re ever able to land a gig where you and your good friends, who happen to be Adam Sandler and a bunch of other killer comedic talent, you’re going to take that gig and all the perks. And if one of those perks happens to be unlimited candy, you’re certainly not going to waste the sweet stuff you get to encounter on a set like Hubie Halloween. So while some people might want to question Kevin James’ choices, both in terms of his roles and his candy consumption, others understand that he’s just doing what any normal human would do.

Just as any actor knows their limits, and accepts the jobs they feel they are best suited for, James jumped head first into the character of Sgt. Steve Downey. If you couldn’t see that through the beard he purposely grew out to rock in Hubie Halloween, then this candy story is the pack of M&Ms that seals that particular deal. Which leaves us with the best lesson from the Adam Sandler/Kevin James playbook of acting: should you run across a role that takes you to exotic locations, allows you to hang out with your pals, and potentially eat a bunch of candy in the process, you should take it. Especially when you could imagine the fact that somewhere, at this very moment, Daniel Craig is probably really jealous he doesn’t have such an opportunity on his docket.

Hubie Halloween is currently streaming on Netflix, and pairs well with either a Snickers bar or a box of SnoCaps. But, of course, you can always choose your own candy to enjoy, as well as another movie out of the grab bag that is the 2020 release schedule. It’s freshly stocked, and still has some treats left to trick out the rest of your year at the movies.

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