Hermione's Breast Reduction

Hollywood has a long history of enhancing body parts. I’m not talking plastic surgery here, I mean photoshop. There was the whole controversy over Brandon Routh’s crotch for instance. Rumor had it that what he was packing was so big, that his bulge was digitally reduced in the film. Or going even further back, there was a controversy over Denise Richards’ ghetto booty in the posters for Undercover Brother, which she claimed wasn’t hers. So using photoshop to increase or decrease the size of sex organs is nothing new for the movie industry, but this is the first time I can ever remember them doing it to a minor.

Taking their photoshop skills to creepy new levels, it seems Warner Brothers has digitally reduced the size of 17-year-old Emma Watson’s breasts in the theatrical poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Our friends over at Poster Wire have done a side by side comparison of the new Potter 5 theatrical and IMAX posters and found the disturbing difference between them. It seems that in the IMAX version, Hermione has undergone a growth spurt. The IMAX poster was the released first, so it seems likely that after it came out WB decided they weren’t happy with having that much pre-teen cleavage on their one sheet and gave her a reduction for the official poster. The difference is subtle, but it’s there.

At least WB reduced them instead of sticking her in a school girl outfit and enhancing them. If they’d enhanced them, I think I might have thrown up. Even as it is, just reporting on this feels wrong on so many levels. I have to go take a few showers now.

Josh Tyler