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The X-Men franchise’s upcoming Gambit stand-alone has spent many months with some major question marks surrounding it. Initially revealed as a passion project of producer Lauren Schuler Donner, who wanted to make the movie starring Channing Tatum, the film officially got a release date back in January… but seemingly spent the last few months making very little forward movement in development. That changed in a big way this week, though, as it was officially revealed that the project actually has a director now.

It was on Monday that it was revealed by trade sources that Rupert Wyatt – director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and last year’s The Gambler remake – has signed on to be the man in charge of making the Gambit movie. This is obviously a big step forward for the project, though we still have some big questions regarding what’s going on behind the scenes. How will the movie interact with the rest of the X-Men universe? Is Channing Tatum really the best fit for the character? Why has this project taken so long to really get anything going? With all of these queries spinning around my head this week, I decided it would be best to record a brand new episode of Hero Blend about it.

Joining me as my co-host this week, all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, is ComingSoon/SuperHeroHype reporter Spencer Perry, who has some big questions of his own regarding the Gambit movie. It’s a fun conversation, so enjoy Hero Blend #64!

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