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Hero Blend #70: The State Of The Comic Book Movie 2015

With the release of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four in theaters, the comic book movie season for 2015 has officially come to a close. It’s been a very interesting year for the genre, full of both ups and downs, but also filled some fascinating clues towards the future and the direction of certain franchises. What better time than now to look back on what we’ve seen?

Marvel Studios kicked things off in May of this year, launching the insanely hyped The Avengers: Age of Ultron - which was a massive success despite not quite living up to the expectations established from Joss Whedon’s first time behind the Avengers wheel. The same studio then brought us Ant-Man in July – a rather simple yet fun little heist movie – but unfortunately things ended on a sour note with Fantastic Four performing up to nobody’s hopes. Helping us to rebound from this is the fact that the release of these movies were also surrounded by news and information about the future of the individual franchises – including what’s going on with the DC Cinematic Universe – and it gives us high hopes for the comic book movie slate arriving in theaters in 2016.

Joining me on Hero Blend this week to breakdown what’s been going on with comic book movies in 2015 is my good friend Silas Lesnick from Craved, who brings some interesting perspectives with him on all of the series and universes hitting the big screen. Enjoy the show!

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