High School Musical Won't Be Haunted

There’s no denying the popularity of High School Musical. The made-for-TV musical’s success has led to a second made-for-TV movie, an attraction at the Disney parks, and even plans for a theatrical third chapter. Earlier this year it was announced that High School Musical 3 would hit big screens instead of the little one, and would center around the kids’ adventure in a haunted house. The title: Haunted High School Musical. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, however.

TV Guide has announced that plans for a third High School Musical have changed. No, this isn’t because the second telefilm didn’t quite live up to the first one, and no you’re not getting out of going to theaters. There will still be a High School Movie theatrical experience for families to both enjoy and suffer through. It just won’t be about a haunted house.

Instead High School Musical 3 will center around “the fast-growing ‘kids’ senior year.” Presumably this will include senior prom and graduation, and will probably see the kids going their separate ways at the movie closes… unless they go off to college together, in which case we can expect “College Musical” in just a few years. And, this is Disney, who loves to milk a franchise to death, so I would expect to see exactly that happen.