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December is here, and the number of shopping days left is shrinking fast! We're here to help by providing a series of gift guides that will make it easier than ever to pick the perfect present for the movie lover on your list. Not only do we have a selection of great gift ideas, but also we've got some exclusive discounts for Cinema Blend readers!

Last week we gave you some tips on what to get a sci-fi movie fan, and this week we've collected a treasure trove of presents that'll appease anyone who has a soft spot for the cinema of the 1980s and '90s. Whether your loved one is still quoting Clueless, impersonating Ghostbusters's Venkman, doing the truffle shuffle, or can't stop singing Rainbow Connection, we've got a gift they are guaranteed to geek out over.

Who you gonna' call for Ghostbusters gear? Think Geek's got a stocking stuffers like this keychain for $5.99 or mug for $7.99, and 9" plush toys of Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man—in both happy and angry mode—for just $17.99; give them a squeeze and the gross ghost emits some foul sounds, and the Stay Pufts play the Ghostbusters' theme! Meta Cortex offers this quote tee for $19.74, but you get a special 10% off discount on your entire purchase by entering cbd01 at checkout. And Etsy seller Andrew Heath has got this kick-ass print on sale for just $10, but you can get 20% off anything in his store through January 1st, 2013. Just enter the code CINEMABLEND2012 at checkout.

The Muppets
Do you know a loved one eagerly devouring every bit on news on Muppets 2? Whether man or muppet, the re-emergence of Jim Henson's lovable cast of colorful characters has led to a slew of cool new ways to show one's rainbow connection. For one, Threadless has a line of great Muppet-themed tees for men, women and children! All for $23.50. Or they can show their animal side with a detailed plush doll from the Disney Store, on sale now for $12! Or give their home décor a splash of color with these sensational, muppetational bookends. This hand-painted collectable designed by Jim Shore is $79.50.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
It's a party, that's for sure. For a most excellent gift for a fan of Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan, you can pick from this awesome array of movie memorabilia. Their Excellent Adventure is now on Blu-ray and only $14.99 at Amazon. Deck out the den with this cool retro minimalist poster from Harshness, who is offering Cinema Blend readers a special 20% off discount on all items in his Etsy shop. Just type in cinemab at checkout. Or give the gift of fashion! Snorg Tees has a shirt for $19.95 where Lincoln proud declares the wisdom of Bill & Ted, "Be excellent to each other." For something subtler, get them this rad Wyld Stallyns tank, custom-made in the color of your choice for $32. And top it off with a bodacious button set for just $3!
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
He's a loner, a rebel, but we love him all the same. If you've got someone on your gift list who still does the Pee-wee dance or still joyfully bellows, "I know you are, but what am I?" then they are sure to thrill over these gifts. If they've already got Pee-wee's Big Adventure on Blu-ray (just $10.49 on Amazon), then they'd definitely drool over Threadless's Pee-wee-inspired tops. Called "In the Basement of the Alamo," the collection ranges from tees (long and short sleeve), to sweatshirts and a cardigan, ranging from $29.50-69.50. Or get them this great graphic poster from Team Welser for $16.

If you know someone still crushing on the ghost with the most, pair the movie's Blu-ray (only $6.99 on Amazon) with a stylish Sandworms tee (on sale for $11.99) or iPhone case ($37.50), or their very own copy of the Handbook For The Recently Deceased! Okay, so it's blank inside, but this fan-made handmade replica of the Beetle Juice book can be a super cool sketchbook or a terrific conversation starter for just $29.95.
Movie Tees
There's plenty of cool movie tees for sale all over the web, but these three stand out. First off, a Teen Wolf hoody that shows the two sides of sometimes werewolf Scott Howard, available on Threadless for $49 in guy and girl sizes. Goonies never say die, and for just $18.99 you can tell the world. Give it to your favorite truffle-shuffler. And just in time for ugly Christmas sweater season, Chitown Clothing offers this sweet Home Alone 2 sweatshirt with a quote from Kevin's favorite holiday movie; enter GIFT10 to get 10% off your entire order.

Posters & Prints
Etsy is flushed with fan art that pays tributes to some of the best and most beloved movies from the '80s and '90s. If your friend has warm memories of Rollin' With The Homies, they'll go postal over Entropy Trading Co's Clueless print. Normally priced at $15, you can get a special 10% off discount on your entire order by entering the code CINEMA10 at checkout. Or get your childhood pal a striking minimalist E.T. print from Harshness. Priced at $19, you can get a 20% off discount by entering cinemab at checkout. Tip a hat to the time-traveling epic Back to the Future with this slick print, or revel in romance and adventure with this retro-styled Princess Bride print, both for sale at Team Welser's shop. $16 each.

Check back next week for another gift guide. And share links to your suggested gifts in comments, or with me on Twitter.