Horns Author Joe Hill Praises Daniel Radcliffe's Performance, Shares Update On Movie's Release Date

Just last week, we shared some new stills from the anticipated feature adaptation of Joe Hill's novel Horns. While the film screened this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actual release date has yet to be set, contrary to what has been stated elsewhere. Writer Joe Hill shared a vague update on the status of the movie for those of us who aren't able to be at TIFF to see it. He also unloads heaps of praise on Daniel Radcliffe for his portrayal of the horned lead character Ig Perrish.

First and foremost, according to what Hill posted on his blog, October 12 is not the official post-TIFF release date for the movie. Given the fact that we haven't seen a trailer yet and the movie has yet to acquire U.S. distribution, it's not all that surprising that date previously listed at IMDB (and currently on Wikipedia) turns out to be false, as that's a little more than a month away. Red Granite Pictures' website says 2014, which falls in line with what Hill says about us having to wait "a little while longer."

On a more positive note, Hill had good things to say about the movie, and particularly Radcliffe's portrayal of Ig, stating, that Radcliffe gives a "wrenching, vulnerable, emotionally naked performance that isn’t like anything he’s ever done on screen before. He is such a wonderful Ig Perrish."

Considering the source material, "wrenching," "vulnerable" and "emotionally naked" are good adjectives to use to describe the portrayal of the story's lead character. It's also high praise for Radcliffe's talent as an actor as he continues to take on more adult roles. Horns is one of three films the actor is promoting at TIFF, with Kill your Darlings and The F Word also screening at the festival.

Horns centers on Radcliffe's Ig Perrish, a man who wakes up a year after his girlfriend Merrin was brutally murdered, to discover that he's grown a set of horns. In addition to the drastic physical change these two protuberances cause to his appearance, the horns also give him the ability to draw the deepest, darkest secrets and desires from whomever he's talking to, whether he likes it or not. The book has a little bit of fun with this ability while also applying it toward Ig's determination to figure out what happened to his girlfriend. Juno Temple plays the role of Merrin, Ig's deceased girlfriend. Though she's dead, Merrin actually plays a fairly active role in the book, as there are numerous flashbacks to Ig's past, which help us understand the relationship Ig had with Merrin.

While we continue to wait for a trailer and a release date for the film, we have these new photos to enjoy. And if you haven't already, it sounds like there's still plenty of time to read the book

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