The Host Video Showcases Jared And Melanie's Relationship

As the release of The Host approaches, we're seeing more and more from Andrew Niccol's adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's bodysnatching story. The above video, which comes courtesy of, is among the latest to arrive online.

While the spot shows some familiar footage from the alien invasion film, including Saoirse Ronan's character Melanie being occupied by an alien "Soul," this one showcases Max Irons' character Jared and his relationship with Melanie, which naturally changes when the Soul Wanderer takes over his girlfriend's body. As he can be heard saying in the video, he would "do anything to get her back." There's a complicated love-quadrangle featured in this story, as Wanderer develops feelings for Jake Abel's character Ian, though Melanie - still trapped inside her own mind - is still in love with Jared. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out in the film, as four characters' lives are intertwined, with two of them coming from inside the same body.

Earlier today we showed you a look at the cover of Us Magazine's new Host Collector's Edition, which hits stands this week. Between that and the numerous TV spots, trailers and photos, many of which you can check out here, and Pandora's Host-inspired mix tape, there's plenty of content for the film available for those eagerly awaiting the movie's March 29 release.

Kelly West
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