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Audiences love superhero crossover moves. They turned out in droves when The Avengers teamed up. They’re patiently awaiting the combination of Batman and Superman on the big screen. There’s even a rumor that Fox might unite its X-Men and Fantastic Four brands. But who says superheroes can only interact with other superheroes? Why can’t we drop crime-fighters and world-savers into Oscar-caliber films, as well?

That was the idea behind this mash-up video posted over at Krishna Shenoi’s YouTube page (via The Wrap). It was meant as an April Fool’s joke, selling unsuspecting viewers on an "alternate" opening sequence to Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-winning masterpiece, Gravity. But the editing on the clip is so seamless, and the concept so amusing, we had to continue to share it.

Of course, if Superman happened to be in Gravity, the movie would last five minutes. If Superman were in most movies, they’d last five minutes. Terrorists taking over Nakatomi Plaza? Superman would apprehend them before Al Powell even finished his Twinkie. Titanic hits an iceberg and the ship slowly sinks into the water? Kal-El will pick it up and carry it safely to shore.

Ironically, Superman’s own movie, Man of Steel, didn’t last five minutes. It stretched on, as Supes learned to harness his powers and overcome obstacles… notably, General Zod (Michael Shannon).

Now Superman’s greatest opposition is time. Fans have to wait all the way until 2016 to see what Zack Snyder has in store for DC Comics’ greatest heroes. What do you expect Superman to do while he waits for post-production schedules to catch up? Of course he’s going to interfere with existing properties, and try to bring Sandra Bullock back from the deepest reaches of the galaxy.

Cuaron, for his part, hasn’t yet revealed his follow-up picture to Gravity. He dabbled in television recently, directing the pilot episode for the drama Believe. He also has announced a screenplay titled A Boy and His Shoe, which IMDB confirms he’s co-writing with his son (and Gravity collaborator), Jonas Cuaron. Coming off of an Oscar win for Best Director buys Cuaron some clout, and we’re eager to see which project he next chooses. Until then, here is his Oscar speech. No sign of Superman at all.

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