How Is It Possible That Olivia Munn Still Looks Sexy With A Mustache?

Olivia Munn is known for many things in show business. She's dressed as Wonder Woman, served alongside Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer at a fictitious cable news network, and she's roasted Brett Ratner for the colossal douchebag he truly is. And somehow, when almost all of her fellow Mortdecai cast members look downright ridiculous wearing almost exactly the same moustache, she not only makes it work, but she looks really damned good while doing so.


Collider showed off the full cast sporting whiskers for the latest Johnny Depp vehicle that has him doing just that. While Depp has definitely worn some weird looks in the past (and gotten away with it) he looks more like a person you shouldn't be taking candy from, much less marrying or seducing. Though investigating is perfectly fine, as he might have priors.


As for Gwyneth Paltrow, she almost looks like a confused poodle, and should definitely consciously uncouple with that set of facial fuzz she's sporting. (Not to mention, she couldn't even dye the mustache to match her own hair color? Ma'am, you're only further outing yourself as a fake and an impostor!


No, when it comes to the cast of Mortdecai, it's Olivia Munn that manages to look like she wants you to take her to dinner with a mustache that looks like it should be in front of an entire barbershop quartet. Not to mention purple is definitely her color, as it just makes her hair color pop hardcore. Of course, if we're being honest here, the mustache is still a man's game, and if there's any man in this cast that wears it the best (at least in this limited, Paul Bettany-less display,) then it has to be Ewan McGregor.


Seriously, with that mustache, I'm starting to have flashbacks to his performance in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and frankly those are some of the only flashbacks anyone should be having to that mess. If this article is going to teach you anything, it should be that mustaches are serious business and should not be entered into lightly. Well, that and Olivia Munn should have mustache babies with Ewan McGregor, if only to create the perfect mustache known to mankind. Something we've only really ever seen once before.


Don't argue. It will only make the angels weep.

Mortdecai looks every bit as ridiculously funny as it should be for a movie being released on January 23rd. If Olivia Munn can manage to keep that mustache on her person for each press appearance she does for the film, this could be a hit on par with The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Or, you know, it could kill with a moderate Ride Along style slowburn that rakes in the cash and makes a sequel. Either way, the 'stache kill us, Olivia!

Mike Reyes
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