How It's Possible For Sigourney Weaver To Be In The Avatar Sequels

Ever since Sigourney Weaver announced that she would be back to star in Avatar 2 back in 2010, we have been scratching our heads about the situation. After all, her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, very clearly died towards the end of the film - so how could Weaver be coming back? Finally the actress has clarified her position in the franchise a bit, and has confirmed that she will be in Avatar 2 playing a different character.

Weaver is currently on the press tour promoting the upcoming release of Chappie, and it was while she was a guest on the UK's The Jonathan Ross Show that the actress revealed how she will be fitting into Avatar 2. The late night program's titular host asked her if we could expect the upcoming sequel to be set directly after the events of the last movie, and she corrected him by saying, "No. I don't play the same character." Sadly, she wasn't pressed for more details about what she meant, leaving us unclear how things will be different for her in the new film.

For the past few years, the go-to explanation for Sigourney Weaver's future role in Avatar 2 has gone back to a quote from director James Cameron in October 2010, who explained at the time "Nobody dies in a science fiction movie." Of course, we are still left with a few questions. Like exactly what kind of character will she be? And will she be linked to Dr. Grace Augustine in some way, or will the fact that both are played by the same person be incidental?

You can watch Weaver talk about her upcoming work on Avatar 2 in the video below, which includes her confirmation of her new role in the franchise:

After years and years of waiting - remember that the first movie came out all the way back in 2010 - Avatar 2 is finally getting rolling this fall. Of course, just because cameras are rolling doesn't mean we'll be seeing the movie any time soon. James Cameron is filming three sequels back-to-back-to-back, a la what Peter Jackson did with the Middle-earth movies, and as a result it's going to take him a while to move each title through post-production and make them look as good as the first movie.20th Century Fox has dated the release of the first of three sequels to come out on Christmas Day 2017, and next two movies will come out in December 2018 and December 2019, respectively. With production starting in just a few months, we should start hearing more updates about Avatar 2 very soon, so stay tuned!

Eric Eisenberg
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