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Patrick Boivin loves to go for our soft spots. First babies and now dogs. From the guy that brought us "Iron Baby," here’s "AT-AT Day Afternoon", a video starring a pet All Terrain Armored Transport from Star Wars. Well, a much smaller version. He (or she?) enjoys everything a dog would from getting a scratch on the neck to taking a walk. And, like every dog, your pet AT-AT will need to go potty, so be sure to always be prepared with a waste big in case your buddy makes a Jabba the Poo.

These videos are fantastic. As with “Iron Baby,” I’m mesmerized by how real it looks. Who’d want a micro pig or a teacup whatever when they can get a mini AT-AT? Okay, that’ll never happen, but hopefully Boivin will send another video our way soon. In the meantime, enjoy “AT-AT Day Afternoon” and check out one of his older stop-motion productions, "Transformers-Jazz with a General," which has a "Making Of" counterpart.

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