During the promotional period for The Hunger Games everyone involved made sure to note how different the franchise was from Twilight. While it may have seemed like a silly thing to do given Twilight's success, but the truth is that comparisons were making male audiences a bit shaky about the film, as that demographic didn't want to spend two and a half hours watching a tween romance (and Hunger Games is definitely not that). The film obviously wasn't hurt by this strategy, as it went on to shatter records and become the third highest grossing opening weekend title of all time. But while the story of The Hunger Games may have no comparison to Twilight, it turns out that action behind the scenes may duplicate it.

While the first movie was a huge success, THR is saying that director Gary Ross is still in negotiations to direct the sequel, Catching Fire. The stars of the film - the ones that survived, anyway - are already contractually obligated to appear in the second movie, but things haven't been going to great on the filmmaker side. The trade says that Ross' negotiations with LionsGate the first time around weren't so hot either, an inside source calling it "a terrible experience," as the studio doesn't usually pay "seasoned-filmmaker fees" to even seasoned filmmakers like Ross. Because of The Hunger Games' big box office numbers, Ross is expecting a raise for his work on the movie (he was given $3 million upfront and 5% on the backend with his first deal) but it's unclear if the studio will give it to him.

Much like the Twilight franchise, or even Harry Potter, it's entirely possible that LionsGate will choose not to pay Ross and instead go with another filmmaker who is demanding less money. A script has already been written for Catching Fire, from Simon Beaufoy, but Ross has not yet had the chance to revise it. The one big card that Ross has in his back pocket is that The Hunger Games was better received than any of the Twilight films, which could convince the brass to try and keep some consistency. Whether it will play in his favor is still an unknown at this point.

So what do you think? Should Ross be brought back for the next movie or should they go with someone else's vision? Leave your thoughts, ideas and desires in the comments section below.

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