Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire May Have Found Its Johanna Mason

With the success of the first film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' popular young adult series The Hunger Games, it's no surprise that there's plenty of buzz surrounding the cast additions for the sequel Catching Fire. Among the characters set to be introduced in the adaptation of the second novel in the trilogy is Johanna Mason, a girl who has one major thing in common with Katniss Everdeen. She too won the Hunger Games once.

Just last week, we shared word that Mia Wasikowska and Zoe Aggeliki were among the women up for the role of Johanna Mason. And more recently, Jena Malone was mentioned as a possibility for the part. Today, Deadline is reporting that Aggeliki is in talks to play the part - or, "in the most serious talks," as the site reports. So it sounds like Aggeliki is closest to the prize at this point, though this doesn't sound confirmed just yet.

Here's where we get a touch more detailed on the plot of Catching Fire, so consider yourselves moderately spoiler warned.

Catching Fire focuses on the third "Quarter Quell," or the 75th Annual Hunger Games, which is sort of an All-Star event, as former winning tributes from the districts are re-enlisted to play again. It's probably not a major spoiler to reveal that Katniss is among those being brought back into the arena for another fight-to-the-death battle with other tributes. And so is Johanna Mason, a tribute from District 7 who's good with an axe (D7's the lumber district, after all!), and judging by the females up for the role, clearly very beautiful.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set to arrive in theaters November 22, 2013. More information on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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