I Don’t Know How She Does It had the potential to endear itself to a wide variety of audiences. The Sarah Jessica Parker role could have easily brought in the Sex and the City crowd and, if Parker’s character had been written properly, the working-mom bent done right could have brought in career ladies, stay-at-homes, and any woman willing to spend an afternoon with a story about women and for women. Even the Weinstein’s involvement lent I Don’t Know How She Does It credence. However, the film never really shows its characters in the best light.

Likely because of this I Don’t Know How She Does It bombed at the box office, only pulling in a little over $9.5 million domestically. Perhaps because of the box office failure, Anchor Bay Home Entertainment won’t release the title until after the holiday season, on January 3, 2012. Blu-Ray copies will run at $39.99 and DVDs will run at $29.98.

If you are interested in purchasing, a full list of special features is not currently available. However, Blu-Ray and DVD copies will include an interview with Allison Pearson, the bestselling author of the book I Don’t Know How She Does It was based on. Though there’s no way to officially tell at this point, but it seems very probable neither Blu-Ray or DVD copies will be bonus feature laden. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of interest. Without interest, there is no reason to go above and beyond with a disc set. You can check out the box art, below.

Maybe what the film really needs is some DVD box issue like the recently released Atlas Shrugged in order to garner press attention.

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