I Spit On Your Grave Trailer Promises An Unrated Release Even Though It's Rated R

Here’s something to like about the new trailer for I Spit On Your Grave. While it is torture porn and while the events set in motion are, like all torture porn, started by the vicitimization of a beautiful woman, from there on out the movie appears to be all about a beautiful woman making mince meat out of a bunch of asshole dudes. In a market already over-saturated with torture-pleasure maybe that’s enough to set this remake apart from the Eli Roth movies of the world. Maybe that’s enough to make it worth seeing.

Check out the new I Spit On Your Grave trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo.

I Spit On Your Grave is actually a remake of the 1978 movie originally titled Day of the Woman (referenced at the end of the trailer) and re-released as I Spit On Your Grave. At the time the movie was controversial, and shocking. If they’re actually re-releasing the new version without an MPAA rating, as the trailer claims, controversy may follow yet again. Here’s the really strange thing: The MPAA has actually rated this movie and given it an “R”. If they’re releasing it unrated, does that mean we’ll get a different cut in theaters, a cut different from the one the MPAA rated? Or is this just some clever marketing gimmick?

Just to put this ratings game in perspective, while Unrated DVDs are commonplace, unrated theatrical releases are almost unheard of in the modern era. Only a scant handful of films like Spun, Where the Truth Lies, and Requiem for a Dream have had actual, unrated releases and those were, for the most part, relegated to arthouses and kept entirely out of the multiplex scene. Even an NC-17 rating is, for most movies the kiss of death, since many theater chains refuse to show them. Releasing a movie unrated could cause even more screening problems. It’ll be interesting to see how many screens I Spit On Your Grave gets released on, if they stick with an Unrated format.

UPDATE! We've been able to get an official update on the Unrated issue from Anchor Bay, the studio releasing I Spit On Your Grave. They confirm that though an R-rated version of the movie does indeed exist, that version will not be released in theaters. The Unrated version is the only version that will get a theatrical release.

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Josh Tyler