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If you were like me when the original Judge Dredd film was released back in 1995, you were 11 years-old and not much about movies mattered to you other than violence and those foreign yet enticing mysteries called breasts. Dredd handled the first of those requests handily, leaving not much to the imagination about what would happen if you shot someone in the face with an exploding pistol round.

The film was widely panned by critics and comic fans alike (those that weren't 11), making the property one that actually deserves to be reimagined on the big screen, and that’s exactly what director Pete Travis is doing. September’s issue of Empire Magazine has apparently leaked around (to Bleeding Cool at least) and it features some new images of the Judges as well as the first look at young Olivia Thirlby whooping some ass as Cassandra Anderson.

The other images give you a closer look at Judge Lex, played by Langley Kirkwood, and a very encouraging quote from producer Andrew MacDonald regarding the way they approached the film.

There’s no denying that the 1995 film, although it will always hold a special place in some of our hearts, was a piece of trash. But the story was intriguing and in the proper hands it looks like it’s turning out alright, aside from the fact that the giant helmets look kind of ridiculous.

Dredd is due out near the end of the year, December 1, so check back regularly for updates and promos that are bound to start streaming our way.