Inception May Seem Original But Uncle Scrooge Did It First

Sure Inception seemed original and for the most part it was. But Chris Nolan wasn’t the first person to think of a movie about invading people’s dreams. It’s been done before, just never in quite the way he imagined it. Well except for that time the Beagle Boys did it.

The Beagle Boys were the default nemeses of Scrooge McDuck, the wealthy uncle of Donald Duck, who for a time had his own adventure-themed cartoon series called Duck Tales. He also had and still has his own comic book, and in it a few decades ago the Beagle Boys hatched a plot to steal his money by… invading his dreams and stealing his secrets.

The following image appeared floating around the social bookmarking world today:

Oddly enough, I actually remember this comic. I used to read Uncle Scrooge as a kid, waiting in the corner of our local laundromat for my mom to finish folding clothes and these few panels bring back a lot of Zippy Mart memories. What makes this whole thing really strange is that it’s more than just a similar idea, a lot of the little details match up. For instance, the Beagle Boys’ dream invasion team consists of seven members. If you count the stewardess who works for them on the plane, Cobb’s team also had seven members. Take a look at the machine they’re using. It’s a small, portable device which seems to work in a way very similar to the one used in Inception, with everyone who will enter the dream connected to it.

Inception? The Beagle Boys did it first.

Josh Tyler