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The Innkeepers Trailer Reveals The Story Of A Haunted Hotel

Yesterday, we shared the poster for Ti West’s scary movie The Innkeepers. Today, courtesy of Apple (opens in new tab), we have a two-minute trailer for you to watch.

The Innkeepers stars Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, and Top Gun‘s Kelly McGillis, and follows two employees of an old hotel, which is about to be shut down. Claire and Luke are determined to prove that the place is haunted by a woman who once hung herself there. As you’ll see in the video, it looks like these two young people may get their wish, but something tells me, they won’t be so happy about it.

“You mustn't go down into the basement,” is pretty good advice when dealing with any kind of haunted-building situation. Of course, ignoring that advice is also fairly standard for horror films.

As Apple (opens in new tab) notes on their site, the film releases in theaters on February 3rd, however those of you who want to see it earlier will be able to find it on iTunes on December 30th of this year.

Click the thumbnail below to check out a bigger version of the poster.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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