James Wan wrapped his shoot for The Conjuring a while back, allowing the director to dive head first into his pending sequel, Insidious: Chapter 2. The director and his longtime screenwriter, Leigh Whannell, have been teasing fans with photos from the production’s set. The latest is a moody, over-the-shoulder shot of a faceless child preparing for a séance.

The pic was posted in Wan’s Instagram page, followed by the caption, “You need lots of candles for hypnosis. #day4of25.” Check it out below:

So we’re pretty early in Wan’s shoot, and we’re still waiting to figure out what his Insidious sequel will be about. The entire regular cast, from Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne to the great Lin Shaye, are reprising their roles from the original film, which was a huge, huge hit in 2011. This could be the back of young Ty Simpkins’ head. It was his character, Dalton Lambert, who became possessed by a witch, forcing his dad (Wilson) to confront his own dark past.

Wan is hard at work on the second Insidious, and is shooting to put it in theaters on Aug. 30. Considering how open they have been with the sequel already, we can probably expect to see more set photos, or possibly news on the lucky fan who wins a walk-on role in the sequel. And if you are a huge Wan fan, you’ll also get to see The Conjuring -- his true-crime ghost story with Wilson and Vera Farmiga – in theaters on July 19. Busy times coming up for the director and his fans. Scary times, we hope, as well.

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