Yesterday's brand-new Iron Man 3 trailer managed a very, very rare feat by amping up a lot of people who had no idea they were even interested in the superhero sequel. Somehow the Marvel marketing team managed to assemble the action-packed footage in a way that made the movie not just look exciting, but moving. Tony Stark invents neat stuff, but he can't sleep. And the Mandarin is looking more than ever like a villain who can seriously shake up his posh existence.

The trailer made for American audiences was fantastic, but there's a slightly different one made for China, which also includes a bit of new footage (remember, part of the movie was shot in China as part of a huge co-production deal, so they're going out of their way to appeal to those audiences. Check out the new international trailer below:

Yes, it's pretty hard to spot the differences between the two trailers, but I welcome your suggestions in the comments. And if you want a really, really close reading of both this trailer and the American one, check out the conversation Eric and Sean had yesterday, wondering if the reveal of the many Iron Man suits at the end is too much of a spoiler, and speculating on what might inspire Tony Stark to take "good old-fashioned revenge." Maybe the, uh, un-happy death of someone close to him?

And, just for the hell of it, let's watch yesterday's new trailer again below. The May 3 release of Iron Man 3 can't come soon enough.

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