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The Internship, Starring Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn, Moves Up The Release Schedule

It wouldn’t make sense for a summer internship to start on June 28th, so Twentieth Century Fox has done the right thing and has moved up their new comedy The Internshipto the first weekend of June.

Variety has learned that the studio has decided to bump up the comedy in their 2013 release schedule to June 7th. Looking at how things pan out that month and judging demographics the move makes a lot of sense. With its new positioning it will have a two week buffer against Todd Phillips’ The Hangover Part III and moves away from the action films Kick-Ass 2 and White House Down, which would potentially rob Internship of the valuable teenage boy demo. As for direct competition, the movie will now go up against the new Louis Leterrier magician thriller Now You See Me and After Earth, the new science-fiction adventure movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Will Smith.

The Internship tells the story of two middle aged guys, played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who find themselves out of work. In order to get back into the job market they decide to join Google as interns and have to deal with bosses that are half their age. Shawn Levy is directing the comedy based on a script by Vaughn, and Rose Byrne, John Goodman, Will Ferrell and Josh Gad all have roles in the movie. To read more about the comedy be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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