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Have you ever listened to a particularly hilarious story on NPR's This American Life? Odds are pretty good it was told by Mike Birbiglia. OK, fine, This American Life features a lot of funny stories, but Birbiglia's really stand out, both because he's honed them as part of a series of one-man shows and because bizarre things seem to happen to him, from a car accident blamed on him for absolutely no good reason to a sleepwalking disorder that led him to jump out a hotel window.

Birbiglia tells that unbelievable but true story in Sleepwalk With Me, a film he wrote, directed and stars in, which opens in theaters this weekend after a hugely successful trip to Sundance earlier this year, where it won the Audience Award in its category (it was a shoo-in, really). But this weekend Sleepwalk With Me will be in just one theater, the IFC Center in New York City, as it's just beginning its run and will eventually expand to many more screens. And to take advantage of this exclusive engagement, Birbiglia and Ira Glass have agreed to appear in person at every single screening-- and do a whole lot more than just lead the Q&A. Watch them explain in the video below.

If you like the looks of that, you can read more about Sleepwalk With Me from our Sundance coverage-- or, of course, just check it out in your local theater this weekend. Keep an eye out for Ira Glass, since apparently you just never know where you might spot him.

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