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Isabelle Fuhrman And Joel Courtney Are Taken To A Haunted Forest In The Between Trailer

Above is the first trailer for Giorgio Serafini’s supernatural thriller The Between, which formerly went by the name The Healer. I feel the need to mention the film’s former name since the trailer has left me completely clueless about what it is I’m watching. I have to both hope and assume that the editing and pacing of the actual film fare wildly better than these two minutes do.

James LeGros (Girls) plays a father whose upcoming surgery inspires him to take his two children, played by Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) and Joel Courtney (Super 8), into the woods to try and relive the glory days when their family was more close-knit. And then he possibly dies…and then not-quite ghosts and shit start appearing…and then some pissed off Avatar-looking dude lurks about.

They "have to cross the line between, where good and evil confront each other in an endless battle." Enter a few scraggly nomads and cowboy hat-wearing demons. Then the dad is walking around and runs into Peter Bogdanovich, who plays a version of the Ferryman to Hell.

And just as I think I’m starting to grasp on, everything gets more abstract and disjointed, and the questions begin anew. Is the Dad not stuck between realms like the kids are? Where did that cornfield come from? Was this movie inspired by a five-year-old’s attempt to summarize a double feature of Mirrormask and Pan’s Labyrinth she’d seen a week before?

I don’t necessarily think this will be a terrible movie, but the title screen at the end of the trailer that just has the weird guy’s profile was an awful choice, and the addition of a last second jump-scare is mind-boggling. Seriously, this is the apex of ill-conceived promotion.

No word yet on when the film will get whatever version of a release it gets, but in the meantime, enjoy the comparatively spectacular poster for The Between below.


Nick Venable

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