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Hot on the heels of yesterday's new teaser poster, Tom Cruise's upcoming action vehicle Jack Reacher has a brand-new trailer, which gives us a much better sense of what we're in for with this adaptation from the wildly popular Lee Child series. Jack Reacher wants to be your new Jason Bourne-- will you let him?

Sure, the hard-boiled dialogue and intriguing mystery plot have a lot going for them, but the clear winner here is the appearance of Werner Herzog, playing the diabolical leader of the gang that frames a patsy (Joseph Sikora) for committing a series of sniper-style shootings. When Herzog and his unmistakable voice shows up and says "get the lawyer," it makes the movie an instant must-see-- I don't care what other movies come out this fall, Herzog will inevitably be the most terrifying villain.

I also like that the trailer doesn't build up to the typical action movie explosive climax, instead closing on Reacher's silent tactic for diverting the cops, and the classic smug Tom Cruise shrug that suggests this guy is more entertaining than your average vigilante bruiser. Plenty of fans of the Lee Child books object to Cruise's casting as a character who's described in the books as a beast, but I like the element of humor Cruise brings, and the supreme confidence you need to waltz into a town and tell the district attorney and cops how to solve their case.

Jack Reacher opens December 21. I'm down; how about you?
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