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Jake Gyllenhaal Plays Joe Namath

Jake Gyllenhaal is set to play America’s first superstar football player, in a movie based on the life of Joe Namath. Variety says Jake will play Joe in the as of yet untitled film, to be written once the WGA strike is over by David Hollander.

To me, this seems like Heath Ledger following up Brokeback Mountain by playing history’s most infamous womanizer in Casanova. Maybe I’m just cynical, but Gyllenhall doesn’t seem like the football player type. He’s never shown interest in roles like this before. Maybe somebody’s agent thinks he needs to win back over homophobic, beer-swilling, football watching audiences? Perhaps Jake is overcompensating for something. Or, maybe he secretly has Joe Namoth posters on his wall. Nah. I love Jake Gyllenahall, but I’m finding it impossible to picture Jake Gyllenhaal even watching football, let alone wearing a football helmet. Too weird.

Anyway, the movie has Namoth’s blessing. Any biopic approved by the person or the family of the person it’s bioing usually omits all the juicy, dirty, good stuff and therefore sucks. So, that makes me suspicious. If he likes it, does that mean we won’t get the boozy, alcoholic, wrinkly Joe Namath who in a recent sideline interview attempted to make out with a hapless female sideline reporter? Man I hope not . Actually, forget the rest of the movie. Can we throw that YouTube clip in theaters and just watch it over and over again? That’s gold. Here, watch it below: