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For years now animation at 20th Century Fox has meant one thing and one thing only: the Ice Age movies. And even though you may have forgotten all about the franchise, last summer Ice Age 3 stealthily went out and made $884 million worldwide, which gave Fox no reason at all to leave the franchise behind.

And, they're apparently taking what amounts to a big risk these days: making a movie based on original content. Variety reports that Jamie Foxx has teamed up with the studio to voice and produce Welcome to the Jungle, a new animated film to be written by Our Family Wedding director Malcolm Spellman. Spellman had only one hilariously vague thing to say about the story: "Life's a jungle, and welcome to it."

Foxx will also write original music for the film, which apparently marks his ambition not just to be the new Ray Charles, but the new Randy Newman as well.

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