Jamie Foxx Will Teach Employees To Kill In Horrible Bosses

Yesterday we heard Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Colin Farrell were in talks for a project called Horrible Bosses, a film I described as Office Space meets Strangers on a Train. I was quick to laud the casting, saying that a base of Bateman and Day (who have since been confirmed) is a vast improvement over previously rumored pairs like Dax Shepard/Ashton Kutcher and Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson. The new addition all but cements the movie’s status as a serious, blockbuster comedy tent-pole.

Just Jared says Jamie Foxx has signed on to Horrible Bosses, with THR providing character details. Neither employee nor boss, Foxx will play Motherfucker Jones, a scam artist who gives the three main characters tips on how to vent their office vexation. Not that anyone’s suggested anything else, but the character’s name alone implies that Horrible Bosses won’t try to avoid the R-rating

It’s hard not to notice Jamie Foxx’s low batting average since winning the Oscar for Ray back in 2004. Average together the critical score of his eight movies since on Rotten Tomatoes and you’ll come up with a meager 43%. Those eight movies include cinematic travesties like Stealth (13%) and Valentine’s Day (18%). Despite his recent struggles, Foxx has proven himself a more than capable actor. Perhaps this is the project to get him back on track.

Eric Eisenberg
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