Buying a brand new car is never a good investment. Sure, the smell is nice and there's definitely something special about being the first ass that's been put down in the driver's seat, but the damn thing depreciates in value the second you drive off the lot and unless you're lucky enough to have your particular model become a "classic car" that resell value is only going to drop more. But do you want to know how the investment gets even worse? If you buy a car that is worth way more than you can afford and then crash it into a tree.

The first clip from Jeff, Who Lives At Home has arrive online and you can watch Ed Helms go through that exact situation with Jason Segel riding shotgun. Check it out below, courtesy of Yahoo!

Directed by the Duplass brothers, who previously brought us Cyrus and The Puffy Chair, the new film stars Segel as Jeff, a man stuck in arrested development living in his mother's basement. When she finally gets him to get off his duff and run an errand, he runs into his brother (Helms) and the two discover that the brother's wife may be cheating on him. Jeff, Who Lives At Home also stars Susan Sarandon and Judy Greer. Look for it when it arrives in theaters on March 16th and to see more from the film head over to our Blend Film Database.

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