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When you think of true crime stories, what comes to mind? Lurid husbands who kill their wives’ friends for sexual favors? A woman who killed all seventeen of her gardeners? What about the mass theft of a country’s highly lucrative export? That last one is the real one, though it sounds a little different than that. Deadline reports Sony Pictures has acquired a comedic pitch for Jason Segel that will tell the story of a giant Canadian maple syrup theft. There’s something almost cowardly about burglars taking money from banks when there are people out there putting in the effort to snag tons of syrup to make their dough.

The as-yet-untitled comedy, to which Segel is only officially attached to star in, will be directed by Seth Gordon, who has had a lucrative last few years with Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief turning him into a go-to guy for hit comedies. The screenplay will be written by Chris Sheridan, a longtime writer and producer on Family Guy and Fox’s Titus, a show that would have been better suited in a post-Louie world. All in all, these three guys getting together on a film has the definite potential for comedic gold. Or amber. Whatever color syrup is.

Sheridan’s script will focus on Montreal Gazette writer Anne Sutherland’s reporting on the 2012 incident where thieves were reportedly responsible for stealing over $20 million (1 million kgs) of maple syrup from the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup’s International Strategic Reserve in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford. Since the theft, police have found quite a bit of the stolen goods, with much of the remainder thought to have been sold off to unsuspecting customers. There have been over 20 arrests in the ongoing investigation.

Said to be a comedy with dramatic overtones, this sounds like the kind of high-concept project that Segel would get into, although it would be nice to know what central character they're be getting him to play. I don’t really see him as the guy leading the thievery ring, but that might be a good change of pace. I don’t see Sheridan or Gordon giving us anything very subtle either, but I’m hopeful, as this sounds like a sweet and sticky plot.

You’ll be able to catch Segel in Jake Kasdan’s comedy Sex Tape next July, as it’s currently filming. But of course you can catch him every week on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. Check out the preview for next week’s episode below.

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