While the title Jayne Mansfield's Car might lead you to believe the vivacious blonde bombshell who met a tragic and early end is getting an adoring biopic in the vein of My Week With Marilyn, this Billy Bob Thornton-directed drama has little to do with Mansfield, instead focuses on two families brought together in grief.

Set in 1969 Alabama, the film centers on the Caldwell family, a Southern clan that counts three World War II vets among its members. Thirty years ago, Mrs. Caldwell left her husband and their children, eventually resettling in England and starting a new family there. Much to the surprise of those she left behind, they discover not only that she has died, but that her last wish was to be buried in Alabama. And so, her English family and Southern family are forced to meet, and as they mourn, cultures clash and sparks fly. But how does Jayne Mansfield's car factor into this tale? Find out by watching the film's international trailer below:


Thornton wore many hats in the film's production, not only directing, but also co-penning the screenplay with his The Gift writing partner Tom Epperson, and co-starring alongside an incredible cast. Robert Duvall and John Hurt play the dueling patriarchs at the center of this piece while Kevin Bacon, Ray Stevenson, Frances O'Connor play some of their kin, and Hitchcock leading lady Tippi Hedren adds and air of old school elegance as one of the elder Caldwells.

Jayne Mansfield's Car had its world premiere at the illustrious Berlin International Film Festival last February, but at this point it's unknown if it will continue touring the festival circuit or will sooner seek a theatrical release.

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