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When it comes to action movie sequels, traditionally, bigger really is better. So how does an action movie like The Expendables top itself for the sequel, when the original film was already packed with an all-star cast? Bring in more all-stars, that’s how!?

The original Expendables cast is a virtual dream-team of action stars. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lundgren were all featured, along with appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. In a recent conversation with Sly Stallone, Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on the sequel, which is set to begin shooting in Bulgaria later this month, and aims for an August 2012 release. According to Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme is on board to appear in the film, and fans should expect a “big showdown” between Stallone and Van Damme. Fans should also expect bigger parts for Schwarzenegger and Willis in the new movie.

Also on board for The Expendables 2 is the legendary Chuck Norris. The mentioned but unconfirmed names for possible roles in the sequel were Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, but neither of them sound like sure things at this point. Hopefully, if they do appear in the film, they face off against one another at some point.

While the film is shaping up to be full of names and faces many of us grew up watching do roundhouse-kicks and/or dive away from explosions, it sounds like there will be plenty of new blood in the sequel. “We also need some new blood in there,” Stallone said. “A Navy Seal-type, because with the Expendables none of them have 20-20 vision anymore. They need some help, man.”