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Jean Dujardin Follows Up The Artist With Every Possible Villain Role

Now that French movie star Jean Dujardin has broken through in America with his dazzling and widely heralded silent performance in the Oscar-nominated romance The Artist, it seems the world is his oyster. Many are speculating on what the dashing leading man's next move will be, and now Funny or Die offers its own prediction, with the help of The Artist himself:

Goofiness aside, this is a pretty sharply executed critique of what Hollywood does to extraordinary leading men from Europe. Once they've proven their incredible talents and ability to connect with and audience, they are promptly relegated to broadly written antagonist roles in action movies opposite square-jawed American stars. We especially love our bad guys with British and German accents in particular, so it's a good thing Dujardin has picked up enough English on The Artist's press tour to be able to affect a slew of campy bad guy intonations. Just give the guy a prop gun, and look at him go!

What's almost frightening about this clip is the long list of sequels that could actually become a reality what with movie audiences' seemingly tireless thirst for franchise titles. Of course, even Alvin & The Chipmunks: Squeak and Ye Shall Find could be watchable with Dujardin in the mix... I'm kidding, please, Hollywood, don't make that movie.

In actual film news, Dujardin will next appear in the sex-comedy anthology The Players, which hasn't yet secured a release date in the U.S. Then he's set to star opposite Cécile De France in the French thriller Möbius, and rumored for another French offering A Stormy Summer Night. He's not yet committed to Hollywood title, but hopefully that'll change as the Academy Awards draw near.

Of all the joke titles listed in this vid, which would you most like to see become a real movie with Jean Dujardin cast as the villain? Mission Impossible 5, Die Hard 5, Sherlock Holmes 3, Spy Kids 5D, Jack and Jill 2, Bridesmaids 2, Pirates of the Carribean 5, We Bought a Zoo 2, Judy Moody and the Not A Bummer Summer 2, Iron Man 3, Ghost Rider 3, Rebirth of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers 4, Thor 2, The Adventures of Tintin 2, The Muppets 2, Tron 3, Conan the Barbarian 2, Rocky VII, Tyler Perry's Madea's French Vacation, The Smurfs 2, Kazaam 2, Alvin & The Chipmunks: Squeak and Ye Shall Find, or Larry Crowne 2? Sound off in comments.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.