We know Source Code will star Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan, but director Duncan Jones snuck in another cast member via Twitter. Earlier today Jones tweeted, “Just met with the lovely Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. Feeling quite thrilled to have two such scorchingly good actors in Source Code!” Welcome to the cast Mr. Wright!

The fact that the Moon director was getting behind the lens again was a thrill in itself. It got better when we heard Gyllenhaal was going to be his new Sam Rockwell. He’ll lead as a soldier who wakes up in a commuter’s body and relives the day of a train bombing over and over until he nabs the culprit. Farmiga will play a communications officer that controls Gyllenhaal’s character and Monaghan a woman aboard the train and his love interest.

Based on Josh’s script reaction, there are four character of significance. He describes the lead and his female counterpart, but only mentions the names of the other two to keep from stepping into spoiler territory. I’m assuming one of those two is Farmiga and perhaps Wright is the other. Keep in mind this information comes from an early version of the script, which could be drastically different from the final version Jones will be using.

For more on Source Code, check out our reaction to the script right here.

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