Last year's Oscars was a big night for two of Hollywood's brightest starlets, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence. Aside from both being gorgeous, talented and able to rock a pixie cut, these actresses have little in common. One's a brunette who exudes class and elegance, yet has an ever-nagging faction of haters. The other is a blonde who is often crass or flat-out goofy, and it seems everyone loves her for it. But funny enough, in Hollywood both were once considered perfect for the same role.

US Magazine tipped us off to a Howard Stern interview with Harvey Weinstein that revealed a pretty shocking twist of fate: Hathaway was once set to play Tiffany in David O. Russell's The Silver Linings Playbook. That's right, the role that won Lawrence her Academy Award for Best Actress once belonged to the performer who took Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables that same night.

Weinstein was talking about how casting can be complicated. Sure, sometimes the person who seems ideal for a role drops out, and you're forced to reconsider, but he says:
"It doesn't drive me insane because I've always believed if we can't get somebody established, we'll find somebody new. I'll give you an idea: Silver Linings Playbook was originally going to be with Anne Hathaway and Mark Wahlberg . . . and then Anne wasn't doing it. And she's marvelous, and wonderful and she was my choice, I love her… Then Jennifer Lawrence and two or three other actress came in, and the minute we saw Jennifer Lawrence's tape . . . Because I said, 'How the hell are we gonna replace Annie?' And then this amazing creature walked in who is a brilliant actress, and so much fun, and she won an Oscar."

Silver Linings Playbook starring Anne Hathaway and Mark Wahlberg. That was almost a thing that happened. Hathaway would have played Tiffany, the widow with no boundaries and a love of dance. Wahlberg would have played Pat, the mentally unstable divorcé, desperate to reconnect with his ex. Pressed on why this never came to pass, Weinstein admitted that Russell, who has a spotted history working with actors, and Hathaway encountered creative differences that caused her to walk away from the adaptation of Matthew Quick's novel.

Stern commented that in retrospect she must be kicking herself over this decision, but Weinstein pointed out she won an Oscar all the same, as did Lawrence. So, no harm, no foul.

While Lawrence and Hathaway might seem to play to different casting types, it's actually easy to see why Weinstein would want the latter for Silver Linings Playbook. I mean, he must have seen her in Rachel Getting Married, where she beautifully portrayed one deeply flawed sister.

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