Will Jim Sturgess Be The Next Spider-Man?

Like many of you I'm sure, I've all but written off Sony's plans to reboot the Spider-Man franchise. Their treatment of Sam Raimi during pre-production for Spider-Man 4 was nothing short of childish, and restarting the franchise without him is simply a cheap form of revenge. There are those that are still interested, however, particularly in the recasting of Peter Parker. Names like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have already been floated (giving Spidey fans thoughts of seppuku), but now a name has surfaced, and the catch is that he's already been considered for the role before.

Jim Sturgess, according to Hollywood News (via Screen Rant), has officially been offered the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming restart of the Spider-Man franchise. The story comes from Twitter, where director Noel Clarke retweeted what actor Arnold Oceng wrote (Oceng's twitter account is protected): "Got inside track. jim sturgess has bin offered the new spiderman in spiderman reboot, U know I always get da inside scoop." While I don't know if Oceng always "get da inside scoop," Sturgess was previously rumored to star as the superhero in the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, which has since been suspended.

Can someone explain to me where all the young, strong American actors have gone? Should the rumor be true and Sturgess accepts the part, we will live in world where Spider-Man is English, Batman is Welsh, and Wolverine is Australian (yes, I know the character is Canadian, but close enough). That is not to say that the last two haven't done an exceptional job, but it does make you think, what has happened to our stateside talent?

Eric Eisenberg
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