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For months there have been reports that Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello was in talks to play Deathstroke in Suicide Squad. However, last night director David Ayer Tweeted out a picture of most of the film’s cast together for their first script read-though, and Manganiello was nowhere to be seen. To top it off, a report soon followed that one of the actors in the picture, Jim Parrack, would be playing Deathstroke in the film. While this might lead one to believe that Manganiello had been replaced, the actor is setting the record straight about what his involvement with Suicide Squad really was.

Manganiello took to Twitter earlier today to set make sure everyone was clear his relationship with Suicide Squad, and according to him, his brief time connected to the superhero project didn’t even involve Deathstroke.

So not only was he in talks to play a different character, but he hadn’t even signed on to said role. Deathstroke was first rumored to be involved with Suicide Squad back in January, being described as Amanda Waller’s personal bodyguard. In March, Manganiello was said to be all but locked in to play the mercenary in the film. If Deathstroke wasn’t the role he was in talks for, then who was it?

Joel Kinnaman had already replaced Tom Hardy as Rick Flag by the time Manganiello was mentioned, so he wouldn’t be playing the Squad’s leader. Some of the male characters recently mentioned to be appearing in Suicide Squad include King Shark, Killer Croc, Antiphon, and The Thinker. However, those villains had other actors associated with them, and Manganiello wasn’t mentioned to be in contention for any of those roles. Another possibility is that he was in-talks to play a character that hasn’t been revealed yet, which means we might in for a surprise announcement in the coming weeks.

Whatever the case, it looks like Manganiello won’t be taking part in the supervillain-led action film. However, just because he won’t be in Suicide Squad doesn’t mean that he couldn’t still up onto a DC film at some point. Personally, I think he would make a great Shazam. Just picture him wearing the red, lighting bolt emblazoned costume going up against Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. That would make for an impressive spectacle on the big screen. Conversely, if DC and Warner Bros are keen on using him as a villain, maybe they can find a spot for him in a movie like Aquaman or The Flash.

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