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Viewed from a certain angle, the 2007 John Cusack/ Stephen King collaboration, 1408, was a raging success. It grossed more than one hundred and thirty million dollars worldwide, and it actually got well above average reviews. In fact, it almost broke 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewed from another angle, however, 1408 was a gigantic disappointment. When two people as talented as Cusack and King get together, the final product should be more than a halfway decent horror movie most people vaguely remember. Luckily, the two will now have another shot at getting it right.

Cusack has officially boarded Genre Company’s adaptation of King’s bestselling novel Cell. The screenplay for the psychological horror thriller was written by the author himself in collaboration with Last House On The Left scribe Adam Alleca. The story follows a father who is desperately searching for his family after an unexpected pulse broadcast over the global cell phone network changs people and upends the entire world.

According to Screen Daily, financing has already been arranged by Cargo Entertainment, and the film’s international rights are currently being shopped. That forward progress, coupled with all the talent involved, should lead to a relatively quick start time and hopefully, to a creepy movie most of us put on a little more often than 1408.

Both Cusack and King have given us wonderful films before. There’s no reason to think both can’t find that magic again.

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