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It's looking like John Krasinski will be able to avoid signing a nine-picture deal as Captain America, given recent reports that he didn't get the role, but he's got another kind of franchise in mind instead. THR reports that Krasinski has signed on for Something Borrowed, a romantic comedy based on Emily Giffin's novel, with a contract for the second film, Something Blue, as well.

In the first film Krasinski will play a confidant to the lead female character played by Ginnifer Goodwin, but in the second film-- provided it gets made, of course-- he would evolve into the male lead. In Something Borrowed Goodwin's character, a type-A Manhattan lawyer, finds herself in a love affair with her best friend's fiance just days after her 30th birthday. The second book tells the same story from the perspective of the best friend, a spoiled publicist who is also cheating on the groom-to-be. I'm not entirely sure how that means Krasinski would develop into a main character-- would he play the groomsman participating in the second affair?-- but things could be switched around enough between the movie and the book that none of this may be relevant anyway.

All the people up in arms about the notion of Krasinski as a superhero are probably a lot more comfortable with this turn of events. He was winning as the son-in-law in It's Complicated, and has spent six seasons of The Office convincing every woman in America he'd be the ideal boyfriend. Maybe he realized that superhero stardom isn't quite the next move, and it might be best to make his break into the movies by sticking to what he does best.

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