Even with talk of a Transformers 4 flying all over the place, Michael Bay's main commitment right now still seems to be Pain & Gain, a caper comedy based on the true story of a bunch of Miami meatheads who kidnap and torture a guy, only to be hunted down by private investigators when the guy survives and vows revenge. Right now Mark Wahlberg and The Rock are set to play the two main roid ragers, with Ed Harris and Rob Corddry also looking at roles in the film. Now one more actor may join, providing the connection to the Transformers universe that everyone has been waiting for…. right?

According to Latino Review, John Turturro is circling the role of the businessman Marc Shiller, who gets kidnapped and left for dead. Albert Brooks had apparently been after the role but dropped out, and now Turturro may be ready to join Bay again after three Transformers movies, this time in a role presumably bigger and more dignified than the time he had to identify the testicles on a robot. If the story about two idiots who get caught up in a crime sounds like something Turturro himself might have made with the Coen Brothers, you're apparently dead on-- Latino Review describes the script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely as very much in the vein of a Coen Brothers film, so maybe Bay is bringing in Turturro as the grand expert on idiots getting themselves into trouble with crime.

Pain and Gain will be Bay's first real comedy, which carries with it a lot of risks and potential for overblown action that takes away from what's actually funny. But he's at least attracting a lot of good actors, and has at least found something to do other than crash giant robots together-- a relief for those of us who think the guy does have a little bit of talent. Here's hoping Bay takes a good script and talented actors and pulls out something that surprises us-- in a good way.

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